Connect and Manage

Due to the cumulative impact of new generation connections on the distribution system, National Grid Electricity Transmission (‘NGET’) has identified that, in many instances, there risks being insufficient transmission capacity to cope with peak intermittent generation. One option to manage the situation is the reinforcement of the transmission system prior to the connection of any further generation capability; however the cost and timescales associated with this means it isn’t necessarily the most appropriate solution in this instance.

Which area is affected?

This issue is affecting generation connections to the distribution network within the South West region.

What solution is being applied?

WPD and NGET are working collaboratively to find an alternative solution to undertaking conventional reinforcement. This includes the use of analysis to identify instances where it is more beneficial to address transmission system constraints in the South West through NGET having better management, visibility and control of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). We call this solution, ‘Connect & Manage’. Facilitating this Connect & Manage approach will reduce costs and timescales for connection therefore WPD is working with NGET to roll out the Connect & Manage arrangements throughout the South West, alongside existing arrangements for providing connections in constrained areas of the distribution network.

How can I find out more?

We have produced a guidance document that sets out what developers of DER need to know regarding the Connect & Manage arrangements that will facilitate additional capacity to connect within the South West region from July 2018.

Click here to view the guidance document.