Point of connection

A Point of Connection offer is one where NGED will carry out only a portion of the connection works (the non-contestable works). The rest will be carried out by an Independent Connections Provider (ICP). 

Point of Connection

To apply for a Point of Connection Offer, you will need to choose a suitably accredited Independent Connections Provider (ICP) to carry out the contestable works. NGED will complete the rest. 

Before you start:

You will need:

  • Location plan
  • Site layout plan 
  • Manufacturer’s specification sheet

Do we serve your area?

It’s easy to find out if we work in your area, all we need is your site postcode. 

What is a DNO?

A Distribution Network Operator (or a ‘DNO’ for short) is responsible for delivering high voltage electricity across an electricity network, through power lines and underground cables. We are not a supplier - the company you pay your electricity bill to. Suppliers pay us to make use of our network (roughly £100 of your total bill per year).

We can help with queries about connecting your property, power cuts or moving your meter. 

New to connections?

By creating new connections to our power network, or modifying existing connections, we can provide access to the power you need. 

Find out more about our connections process and what you need to apply.