Fuse upgrade

Apply for a fuse upgrade and we can update yours to an 80 amp fuse. You may need an upgrade for new installations such as electric vehicle charging points, power showers or property extensions. Check with your electrician if you are unsure. 

Apply to upgrade

Older properties may have 30 or 60 amp fuses. Apply here to upgrade yours to 80 amps. 

In order to process your fuse upgrade application, we need some details about your supply increase. These details can be provided on our online application form below. 

Before you start:

You should check with your electrician whether your consumer wires (found in your meter) need upgrading first. Your supplier (the company you pay your electricity bills to) can also tell you whether your meter will need upgrading. 

Do we serve your area?

It's easy to find out whether we work in your area, all we need is your site postcode. 

New to Connections?

By creating new connections to our power network, or modifying existing connections, we can provide access to the power you need. 

Find out more about our connections process and what you need to apply.

How much will your connection cost?

The cost of your connection will depend on the specifics of your application - this is all worked out in line with our Connections Charging Methodology.

To help give you an idea, we have worked out the average costs and timescales. You can also try our self-serve budget estimating tool for indicative prices.

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