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Surgeries provide more detail to help you understand the process, timescales, technical considerations, consents and possible constraints of making a connection to the network. 

About our surgeries

To ensure that our customers and stakeholders are receiving the best service from NGED, we have set up three specialist surgeries to help with your enquiries. 

Discussing your plans with us at an early stage can help to provide a better insight to any potential network reinforcement and complexity issues that may arise. It can also help you to establish the viability of an individual scheme before committing to a formal application and incurring associated costs (including assessment and design fees). 

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Your Power Future

We provide electricity to 8 million customers across the Midlands, South West England and South Wales, every one of whom deserve to have an opinion on how their money is spent. 

We work hard to engage with as many customers as possible via workshops and events throughout the year. This helps us to ensure that we are making the right decisions for you, our customer.

New to connections?

One of our key roles is to provide new connections and modify existing connections to our network.