CiC guidance documents

A guidance document has also been produced which contains each of the following sections. Click the “Find out more” link for each topic to go directly to the relevant section.

Process for a new entrant

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  • Process
  • Framework Network Access and Adoption Agreement
  • Applying for an Extension of Contestability (EOC)
  • DSR Options
  • Access to Technical Information

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Planning the connection

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  • Application Process
  • Network Design
  • Point of Connection
  • How to Apply

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Distribution safety rules authorisation

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  • LV Options Table
  • HV Options Table

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Find out more about Charging for DSR Services here

Making the connection

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  • Building the downstream asset
  • LV Connection Process
  • HV Connection Process
  • Disconnection of an Existing Metered Connection 

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Inspecting the adoptable assets

WPD services

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  • Inspection Report
  • Issue and Return of Keys
  • Rent a Test Probe
  • LV Cable Identification Service

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Key contact details

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Technical library

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We provide extensive information about our legal and consents process on our Technical Information website. We provide this information for use by Independant Connection Providers and Independant Distribution Network Operators. 

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